The Global Community of Innotech Group

We are approximately 80 members of a successful and dynamic community. We work together with a shared vision of an exciting future. Each of us is a respected and valued member of a winning team.


A culture of inclusion is the heart of our global community of Innotech.

An inclusive workplace allows us to reap the benefits that diversity brings: new perspectives, fresh ideas and the ability to compete at our best in a global market. Inclusion is deeply rooted in our organization and entrenched in everything we do.

RESPECT --- We respect diverse backgrounds and experiences, and treat everyone with dignity.

INTEGRITY---We behave honorably to earn the trust of our customers and each other.

PASSION---We serve customers with enthusiasm and pride, with the courage to listen, learn,innovate and win.

ACCOUNTABILITY---We take responsibility for our work, commitments and actions with customers and each other.


Current Employment Opportunities 

  1. Production Supervisor
  2. QC Supervisor
  3. Apprenticeship/Internship trainees
  4. Production Operators
  5. QC Inspectors

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